Ask Me Anything... {11/17/15}

2015-10-06_0003 This week I answer your questions about social media and how to attract clients who want to work with you.

What are your best tips for getting couples to choose you as their wedding photographer?

Be authentic. My approach to attracting clients that want to work with me is simply talking about who I am as a person and being vulnerable and real about it. This, of course, is not something every business is comfortable with or will agree with. For me, however, I feel this works because my clients can hopefully sense that what they see is what they get with me. Not to mention, I tend to attract clients that I LOVE and feel connected with as well because of this approach. I'm not trying to sell them on choosing me, I'm not trying to trick them into spending more money...I am simply offering a priceless experience and product that my clients can value.

A wedding day is a very emotional experience and a bride & groom are going to choose you because they connect with you and the way you tell their story. Think about the things you love, the activities you do, the moments that define your about those aspects of who you are so your future clients can feel connected with you.

In your opinion, what do you think is the most successful form of marketing for your business? Social Media? Word of mouth?

I would honestly have to say both. Both of these forms of marketing have been crucial to the growth of my business and I'll tell you why.

Word of mouth helps my business to grow because a potential client will trust the recommendation of someone they know has had a great experience rather than taking a leap with a stranger they found online. For this reason, I focus on providing my clients with a personal and positive experience every time. If one client tells someone about you, it will only grow from there.

Social media has been so great because it allows me to connect with potential clients on an interactive level. I also use social media as a means of promoting brand recognition. I try to be as consistent as possible with posting so as to remain fresh in my followers' minds. You never know when someone will ask them if they know of a good photographer, you happened to post something they saw five minutes prior..and BOOM, word of mouth recommendation. So, you see, the two kind of work together.

What are your best tips for increasing your social media presence?

Here are three very important tips for reinforcing social media presence and creating content followers will want to see. Your social media content should be ENTERTAINING, INSPIRING, and/or EDUCATIONAL. If your Instagram post, blog, or Facebook status doesn't fall within these guidelines, don't post it.

People want to be entertained. Post something funny or beautiful. People want to be inspired. Talk about an emotional event that happened behind the scenes on a wedding day. People want to educate themselves. Serve others by teaching them about something they may not have known before. I generally try to use social media as place to promote positivity and beauty.

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