Ask Me Anything... {4/12/16}

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_0117 "Ask Me Anything..." is a weekly blog segment where I answer your questions about photography, myself, or...anything! Check back next week if you have something you're dying to ask!

1- Do you have a timeframe for when clients can expect their images back, or does it vary?

Great question! The amount of time you quote your clients for delivery really depends on what your personal work load is and how long you think it will take you to deliver a great product. I quote my clients two weeks for Portrait Sessions and six weeks for Weddings.

I think the most important thing here is to "under promise and over deliver." This means that, if you think you can get the work done in one week, tell your clients two weeks. When your clients receive their images a week earlier than expected, you have happy clients. Also,  you still give yourself some time in case something comes up with your schedule.


2- If you could be a boy for a day, what would be the first thing you would do? 

I think this is such a great question that I'm going to take it even further and go through what my entire day as a boy would be.

The VERY first thing I would do is stand in front of the mirror naked. Rather than critiquing every part of my body that needs improvement or isn't good enough, as most women typically do, I would marvel at my beer belly and bask in appreciation of how nicely my beard is coming in. (Yes, I would probably have a little beer belly.) I would then start getting ready for the day. "Getting ready" would consist of putting on pants, brushing my teeth, and running a comb through my hair. Five minutes well spent.

On my way out the door, my attention would be caught by something majestic in the mirror. Oh wait, that's my manly man beard. I would raise one eyebrow and suavely stroke my chin as I admired my pure man form. Ok, that's done.

I would then walk with my labrador retriever to the dog park where we would engage in some good ol' fashioned fetch. While walking there, I would spit on the ground a few times...just to see what all the fuss is about. I might even let out a small grunt while I adjust my dangly bits. Girls dig that.

When we arrived at the dog park, we would immediately start a rumpus round of fetch where I would pretend I am Tom Brady and revel in the wonder of what it feels like to give a shit about football. I would roll around in the dirt and not have to care about getting my clothes dirty or messing up my make up. I would be that kind of guy...the carefree, sandals and shorts guy.

After an afternoon of impressing the onlooking ladies with my athletic prowess, my dog and I would stroll back. I am hungry and must eat immediately before I subject the world to my hanger. ALL the tacos later, the world would feel right again.

Next I would engage in an evening of man things. I would invite my buddies over to shot gun beers while smoking cigars, shooting guns, sipping whiskey, smoking red meats, and shouting loudly in excited responses to people catching balls on tv.

Then, just for good measure, I would fix something.

After a long day of man time, I would shower and clean myself up, hop into bed, and settle myself into the soft, gentle, sweet smelling embrace of my woman.


3- When backlighting, how do you keep your subjects sharp and not looking too hazy?

I actually covered this very important topic in my 10/6/15 "Ask Me Anything..." You can read what I said here.