Eric + Erin {Engagement} Pasadena, CA


Love is so many things to a person. For Eric and Erin, love is finding your missing piece. When the two first started dating, they stumbled across the book "The Missing Piece," by Shel Silverstein at a thrift store. Standing there, flipping through the pages together, Erin and Eric knew they had finally found each other. And so began the beginning of their love story. I was so excited when the couple told me they wanted to shoot their Engagement session in Pasadena! There's something about the old brick buildings and grand architecture that gives off a sort of nostalgic romance. Our shoot was quite the adventure! Not only did we run into the middle of the Colorado Street bridge for a few of our shots, but we also may or may not have been kicked out of two locations! Rebels!

I had such a blast capturing Erin and Eric at their session. It was so beautiful to witness that sparkle in their eyes when they looked at each other and the way Erin blushed when Eric kissed her. I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Erin and Eric, I can't wait to shoot your beautiful wedding! Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-42014-02-10_00032014-02-10_0004Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-25Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-442014-02-10_00072014-02-10_0008Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-45Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-37Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-36Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-34Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-502014-02-10_00052014-02-10_0006Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-392014-02-10_00092014-02-10_00102014-02-10_0012Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-712014-02-10_00132014-02-10_0014Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-862014-02-10_00152014-02-10_0016Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-912014-02-10_00182014-02-10_00172014-02-10_0019Eric+Erin_Engagement_withlogo-85