Finding Balance | Los Olivos, CA

The last several months have been kind of crazy for me. Good crazy! With the start of wedding season and the traveling I've been lucky enough to do, it feels as though I haven't really slowed down in months. Lately though, I've realized how tired I am. I've been doing too much. I've been trying to do everything. I haven't had balance in my life. This week I had a session scheduled in Los Olivos which is about a two hour drive north of me. Knowing I need some fun in my life, I decided to make a day of it. So my beautiful friend (and fellow photographer) and I took a road trip. We ate delicious food, we sampled some wine, we took in the sights. And, you know what? I felt totally recharged both spiritually and creatively. As much as I love my business and my clients, I have to remember my life comes first. I think, in the end, finding this balance to live a life I love helps me to give more of myself to the job that I love.

P.S. Thanks to Tiff for capturing some sweet photos of me and Gracie.

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