Julie and Kyle | Engaged {Mammoth, CA}

Julie and Kyle both love adventure and the outdoors and will be getting married in Yosemite this October. It seemed like the most obvious choice to shoot their Engagement Session in the gorgeous mountains near Mammoth, California. We planned for everything from wardrobe to various locations. When we saw rain in the forecast, we decided to plan to shoot as scheduled and hope for the best. When I met them at our first planned location at Convict Lake, it was literally pouring rain. I pulled up to their car, rolled down my window, and said, "Well, it's raining." The look on their faces was full of worry and disappointment. I knew I had to come up with a plan, fast.

Luckily, I had come from an area where it hadn't been raining so we decided to drive in that direction and chase the light. You can see that our first stop was still a bit drizzly. If you look closely you can see the raindrops falling on Julie and Kyle. They were so great and just went with the flow, laughing it off and continuing to smile.

As we continued to our next location, I could see the clouds start to part and the sun started shining. Off in the distance, I saw an open field with a beam of radiant light shining down on it. I have driven by this area probably 100's of times (I've been to Mammoth a lot in my lifetime) and I've never thought to explore there. So, in photographer's fashion, I pulled off onto a random road and started driving towards that light. What we discovered was so much better than any location we could have planned for. Roadways with epic trees arching over them, fields of irises, a rope swing...a rope swing for crying out loud! When I met with the couple at our consultation, Julie had mentioned to me that she and Kyle had been working on their "frolicing" skills in preparation for their Engagement Session. I'm so glad we found the perfect grassy field for you two to frolic in.

This experience was such a reflection of life for me. Sometimes you can plan for things, but, ultimately, you just have to let go and let the Universe deliver gifts that are so much better than you could have ever imagined.

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Chris and Erica | Big Bear, CA {Engagement Session}

For Chris and Erica's Engagement Session, I wanted to evoke the feeling of coziness and warmth. Erica is a talented Interior Designer, so naturally, we had to shoot some lifestyle images in their home in Santa Clarita, CA. I love the intimate feel of the images so much! There's something so beautiful about the simplicity of cuddling at home with the person you love. The two really wanted to shoot in Big Bear, CA to take advantage of the beautiful snowy landscapes. We put on our snow boots and ventured out into the wild. These two were such champs when it came to me asking them to walk into knee deep snow to get the perfect light. I think I laughed for two hours straight. Erica is just a bundle of light and I loved watching how Chris let's her shine. Chris and Erica, I had so much fun getting to know you at our shoot and I absolutely can't wait to share your big day with you!

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer 2Los Angeles Wedding Photographer 6Los Angeles Wedding Photographer 3Los Angeles Wedding PhotographerLos Angeles Wedding Photographer 4Big Bear Engagement SessionBig Bear Engagement Session 3Big Bear Engagement Session 4Big Bear Engagement Session 5Big Bear Engagement Session 2Big Bear Engagement Session 6Big Bear Engagement Session 7Big Bear Engagement Session 8Big Bear Engagement Session 9Big Bear Engagement Session 12Big Bear Engagement Session 10Big Bear Engagement Session 11Big Bear Engagement Session 13Big Bear Engagement Session 14Big Bear Engagement Session 15Big Bear Engagement Session 16Big Bear Engagement Session 17Big Bear Engagement Session 18

Haley and Kevan {Engaged} Valencia, CA

Haley and Kevan were absolutely amazing at their Engagement session! From the moment we started shooting, they were completely natural and playful with each other. It's obvious these two are best friends who love to make each other laugh. Their little doggy joined us for some shots, too. I love when couples bring their fur babies to sessions!

My favorite part of the session was when I asked them to slow dance in the field where we were shooting. At first they were a bit hesitant but quickly fell into the groove of the movement. The way Haley looked up at Kevan in that moment (with total stars in her eyes, slow dancing in a field at magic hour) is the reason I do what I do. That look. It's everything.

Congratulations to Kevan and Haley! I'm beyond excited for your wedding day!

Haley's fabulous make up by All Dolled Up Beauty Lounge

Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-4Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_ValenciaKevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-3Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-2Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-5 Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-11Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-6Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-10Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-9Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-8Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-7Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-15Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-16Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-13Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-14Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-17Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-18Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-19Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-20Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-21Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-22Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-23Kevan Miller and Haley Kettlekamp_Engagement Photography_Valencia-24

Tournament Players Club Wedding | Valencia, CA | Kareen + Kevin

Kareen and Kevin were recently married on a hot summer day amidst close friends and family. The couple chose Tournament Players Club in Valencia, CA as their fairytale setting. From the stunning views to the rustic architecture, the entire location embodied a feeling of tranquility and old world charm that set the tone for the rest of the wedding day. From the moment Kareen arrived at the venue, her expression was radiant with anticipation. The invitations were sent, the honeymoon was booked, and all the decorations were in their right place...all that was left was saying "I Do" to the love of her life. As she walked down the aisle to Kevin, there was an audible gasp from all of the guests in attendance. In that moment, she possessed the kind of beauty that can only leave you breathless. It was obvious Kevin felt the same way as he attempted to hold back his tears at the sight of his future wife walking toward him.

As Kareen and Kevin stood side by side, reciting their vows, the strength of their bond shined brighter than ever before. Their connection is subtle and doesn't ask for attention. There is a comfort and confidence between them when they are together that I admire so much.  It was hard not to cry along with them as they promised their lives to one another.

The remainder of the day was filled with love, laughs, and partying. The dance floor remained full for a majority of the evening and the echoes of boisterous laughter filled the air as the music played late into the night. It was beautiful to watch as they were surrounded by dear family and close friends from all over the world in a united celebration of the love they share.

Congratulations to Kevin and Kareen on a beautiful Wedding Day and thank you for allowing me to be part of it!


Venue: Tournament Players Club

Make Up: All Dolled Up Beauty Lounge

Florals: Creative Flowers in Acton

Linens: Luxe Linen

Rentals: AV Party Rentals

DJ: Let the Music Play (Alan Reno)

Second Photographer: Mike Arick



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TPC Valencia-20TPC Valencia-24TPC Valencia-11TPC Valencia-12TPC Valencia-25TPC Valencia-19TPC Valencia-15TPC Valencia-21TPC Valencia-22TPC ValenciaTPC Valencia-6TPC Valencia-2TPC Valencia-7TPC Valencia-2-2

TPC Valencia-10TPC Valencia-4TPC Valencia-9TPC Valencia-8TPC Valencia-5TPC Valencia-11TPC Valencia-12TPC Valencia-14TPC Valencia-18TPC Valencia-20TPC Valencia-16TPC Valencia-2-3TPC Valencia-17

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Styled Outdoor Boudoir Shoot {Bridal Boudoir}

Sexy is when a woman shines from within herself. This glow can come from  being comfortable in her skin, that brief moment of burning eye contact, the delicate way she brushes her hair away from her face. For this styled shoot, I wanted to capture the moment when innocence meets sex appeal. The raw organic nature of the landscape and the golden light served as the perfect accessory to compliment Taylor's skin. I styled her in a simple pale pink combo with a beautiful floral crown provided by White Fig Designs. Her make up, created by Double Take Make up Artistry, was delicate and dewy. I wanted a minimalist look to enhance her naturally beautiful features. "A beautiful girl can make you dizzy, like you've been drinking Jack and Coke all morning. She can make you feel high full of the single greatest commodity known to man - promise. Promise of a better day. Promise of a greater hope. Promise of a new tomorrow. This particular aura can be found in the gait of a beautiful girl. In her smile, in her soul, the way she makes every rotten little thing about life seem like it's going to be okay. The supermodels, Willy? That's all they are. Bottled promise. Scenes from a brand new day. Hope dancing in stiletto heels." - Beautiful Girls


Model: Taylor Saxelby

Make Up: Double Take Make Up Aristry

Floral Crown: White Fig Designs

Bridal Boudoir_valenciaBridal Boudoir_ValenciaBridal Boudoir_Valencia taylor BLOG_-4Bridal Boudoir_ Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_ValenciaBridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia

Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia Bridal Boudoir_Valencia