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Julie and Kyle | Engaged {Mammoth, CA}

Julie and Kyle both love adventure and the outdoors and will be getting married in Yosemite this October. It seemed like the most obvious choice to shoot their Engagement Session in the gorgeous mountains near Mammoth, California. We planned for everything from wardrobe to various locations. When we saw rain in the forecast, we decided to plan to shoot as scheduled and hope for the best. When I met them at our first planned location at Convict Lake, it was literally pouring rain. I pulled up to their car, rolled down my window, and said, "Well, it's raining." The look on their faces was full of worry and disappointment. I knew I had to come up with a plan, fast.

Luckily, I had come from an area where it hadn't been raining so we decided to drive in that direction and chase the light. You can see that our first stop was still a bit drizzly. If you look closely you can see the raindrops falling on Julie and Kyle. They were so great and just went with the flow, laughing it off and continuing to smile.

As we continued to our next location, I could see the clouds start to part and the sun started shining. Off in the distance, I saw an open field with a beam of radiant light shining down on it. I have driven by this area probably 100's of times (I've been to Mammoth a lot in my lifetime) and I've never thought to explore there. So, in photographer's fashion, I pulled off onto a random road and started driving towards that light. What we discovered was so much better than any location we could have planned for. Roadways with epic trees arching over them, fields of irises, a rope swing...a rope swing for crying out loud! When I met with the couple at our consultation, Julie had mentioned to me that she and Kyle had been working on their "frolicing" skills in preparation for their Engagement Session. I'm so glad we found the perfect grassy field for you two to frolic in.

This experience was such a reflection of life for me. Sometimes you can plan for things, but, ultimately, you just have to let go and let the Universe deliver gifts that are so much better than you could have ever imagined.

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Ciella and Matt {Engaged} | Malibu, CA

I've known Matt since high school and when I was introduced to Ciella, I knew he had met someone very special. One of the first times I was able to get to know Ciella was when she had booked me for a surprise Portrait Session for Matt and his beloved dog, Jack. At the time, Jack had been diagnosed with cancer and they weren't sure if he was going to live much longer. (Side note: Jack is still going strong!) I thought it was one of the most thoughtful acts of love and I was so happy Matt had found someone to love him that way. Last summer, we played on the same Kickball league and it was so cute to watch them cheer each other on. To me, one of the most beautiful things about love is knowing you've found a teammate who will support you and, sometimes literally, cheer you on from the sidelines.

For our session, Ciella had her grandmother's dress from the 1940's altered into a beautiful, long flowing skirt. I was almost afraid to touch the fabric for fear that it would rip or tear between my fingertips. I thought it was such a beautiful way to honor her grandmother while also continuing the legacy of love in her family for generations.

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