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Drew and Elisa | Engagement Session | La Jolla, CA

There's nothing more romantic than a beach breeze. For Elisa and Drew's Engagement Session, we headed out to Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA. Southern California was experiencing pretty crazy rain storms on the days leading up to the shoot but the clouds seemed to part just for them when their session day finally arrived. Not only was the sky completely clear, but everything seemed happy and green from the rain. I felt like I was shooting in Maui or some other exotic location. Thinking back on their shoot, I can't help but love how much these two trusted my vision. Sometimes, as the photographer, it's hard to put into words exactly what you're aiming for. When I asked them to play in the ocean in their clothes, they smiled and jumped in with no hesitation. I just love how romantic those shots are! Connected, playful, and spontaneous...that's what love is all about.

Elisa's skirt is by Morning Lavender | Elisa's top is by Pretty Little Thing San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0920San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0921San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0922San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0923San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0924San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0926San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0925San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0927San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0928San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0929San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0931San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0932San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0934San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0935San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0938San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0937San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0936San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0939San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0940San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0942San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0943San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0941San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0945San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_Engagement_Session_Taylor_Kinzie_Photography_0944

Keith + Lisa {Engaged }

Lisa and Keith are such a fun couple! I loved how well the laid back, mellow vibe of the beach setting at their session reflected their personalities. As we walked along the sand during our shoot, I listened to Keith retell the story of how he proposed to Lisa. Knowing he intended to propose to her, he planned a romantic getaway weekend in San of their favorite places to visit together. He put together a day packed full of romantic dinners, drives, and movies...hoping the right time would present itself for him to ask Lisa to marry him. The day flew by and night came, they were walking back to the car after dinner and Keith realized the right moment had never arrived. He began to panic. If he didn't ask her now his opportunity that day would be gone. So he got down on one knee right there on the side walk and when Lisa turned around he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She said "yes", lit by the glow of the warm street lights, and the rest is history. Sometimes it isn't how you ask, but rather, the intention behind the question that really matters. Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-10Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-13Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-2Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-3-2Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-3Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-3-3Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-4Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-4-2Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-4-3Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-5-2Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-6-2Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-6Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-7Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-8Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-9Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-8-2Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-5Trump Golf Course Engagement Session_-7-2