The Howard Family {Vasquez Rocks}

I've been photographing the Howard Family for a few years now and this year we decided to do something a bit different by shooting at Vasquez Rocks. Ashley is an amazing yoga instructor (check out her site here) so I wanted to shoot somewhere that reflected her spiritual and peaceful nature. We had so much fun highlighting the kids' playful side by incorporating fun props like the tee pee, jumbo balloons, and magic wands. The family spends a lot of time outdoors so it was awesome to snap some pics of them totally in their element climbing on rocks and jumping from path to path. Ashley's dress is by Free People. Hair by Ashlee Norman. Make up by DoubleTake Makeup Artistry. Reese's flower crown by CelebrateVasquez Rocks Family Photography_0394Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0393Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0395Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0397Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0396Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0398Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0399Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0400Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0401Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0402Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0404Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0403Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0405Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0414Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0406Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0407Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0409Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0408 Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0411Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0415Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0416Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0412Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0413Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0418Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0417Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0419Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0421Vasquez Rocks Family Photography_0410