Abigail and Cole {Engaged} Los Angeles, CA

As kids, Cole was best friends with Abigail's brother. Abigail was always nearby, but it wasn't until they grew older that Cole realized girls don't have cooties. When they told me how long they'd known each other, I remember saying, "The love of your life was right in front of you all along." What an amazing thought. The only way I can think to accurately describe Cole and Abigail is that they sparkle. Observing their energy together fills you with love and just makes you want to smile. It's pretty obvious they're best friends who just happen to be crazy about each other. Abigail simply shines and it's clear that Cole has been captivated by her light.

For their Engagement Session, I wanted a location that was just as bright and vibrant as their personalities. So, naturally, I took them to the 4th Street Arts District where we were surrounded by pops of color and adventure around every corner. My favorite part of the session was when we happened to stumble upon a vintage piano randomly sitting in an alley way. I asked them to sit and pose for a few shots and Cole, who just also happened to know how to play piano, started playing a tune. I love when life gives me moments like this.

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