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Brian and Amy {Engagement Session} | Palm Springs, CA

Amy and Brian's six year anniversary of meeting each other was coincidentally the day we shot their Engagement Session. Six years prior to March 20th this year, they met in a bar where Brian asked for Amy's number. The day after meeting each other, they took their first photo together. Amy immediately texted her mom that photo proclaiming he was the man she was going to marry. Cut to present day and Brian and Amy are planning their October, 2016 wedding in Palm Springs...looks like Amy was right. Brian proposed at Disneyland in December of 2015 in front of the Magic Castle. He arranged for his adorable niece to approach Amy with a sign that said, "Aunt Amy, Uncle Brian has a question for you..." When she looked up, Brian was down on one knee presenting her with a stunning ring. Does it get any cuter than that people?!

Since Amy and Brian are getting married in Palm Springs, we decided to do their Engagement Session there as well to capture the feel of what their big day will be. We started our shoot at the Ace Hotel and took advantage of the fun colors and eclectic decor. We then drove out to an open field outside of Palm Springs and took some very dramatic, wind blown photos in the middle of the desert. I love how romantic the images look against the sunset!

Amy and Brian, congratulations on your Engagement! I can't tell you how excited I am to capture your special day!

Amy's Make up by: Nissa Fisher, Beauty Pros on the Go Palm Springs Engagement Session_0322Palm Springs Engagement Session_0312Palm Springs Engagement Session_0313Palm Springs Engagement Session_0314Palm Springs Engagement Session_0315Palm Springs Engagement Session_0316Palm Springs Engagement Session_0317Palm Springs Engagement Session_0319Palm Springs Engagement Session_0318Palm Springs Engagement Session_0320Palm Springs Engagement Session_0321Palm Springs Engagement Session_0323Palm Springs Engagement Session_0324Palm Springs Engagement Session_0325Palm Springs Engagement Session_0329Palm Springs Engagement Session_0328 Palm Springs Engagement Session_0327Palm Springs Engagement Session_0326Palm Springs Engagement Session_0340Palm Springs Engagement Session_0341Palm Springs Engagement Session_0330Palm Springs Engagement Session_0332Palm Springs Engagement Session_0336Palm Springs Engagement Session_0333Palm Springs Engagement Session_0334Palm Springs Engagement Session_0335Palm Springs Engagement Session_0338Palm Springs Engagement Session_0337Palm Springs Engagement Session_0339Palm Springs Engagement Session_0343Palm Springs Engagement Session_0344Palm Springs Engagement Session_0342Palm Springs Engagement Session_0345Palm Springs Engagement Session_0346

Chris and Erica | Big Bear, CA {Engagement Session}

For Chris and Erica's Engagement Session, I wanted to evoke the feeling of coziness and warmth. Erica is a talented Interior Designer, so naturally, we had to shoot some lifestyle images in their home in Santa Clarita, CA. I love the intimate feel of the images so much! There's something so beautiful about the simplicity of cuddling at home with the person you love. The two really wanted to shoot in Big Bear, CA to take advantage of the beautiful snowy landscapes. We put on our snow boots and ventured out into the wild. These two were such champs when it came to me asking them to walk into knee deep snow to get the perfect light. I think I laughed for two hours straight. Erica is just a bundle of light and I loved watching how Chris let's her shine. Chris and Erica, I had so much fun getting to know you at our shoot and I absolutely can't wait to share your big day with you!

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Abigail and Cole {Engaged} Los Angeles, CA

As kids, Cole was best friends with Abigail's brother. Abigail was always nearby, but it wasn't until they grew older that Cole realized girls don't have cooties. When they told me how long they'd known each other, I remember saying, "The love of your life was right in front of you all along." What an amazing thought. The only way I can think to accurately describe Cole and Abigail is that they sparkle. Observing their energy together fills you with love and just makes you want to smile. It's pretty obvious they're best friends who just happen to be crazy about each other. Abigail simply shines and it's clear that Cole has been captivated by her light.

For their Engagement Session, I wanted a location that was just as bright and vibrant as their personalities. So, naturally, I took them to the 4th Street Arts District where we were surrounded by pops of color and adventure around every corner. My favorite part of the session was when we happened to stumble upon a vintage piano randomly sitting in an alley way. I asked them to sit and pose for a few shots and Cole, who just also happened to know how to play piano, started playing a tune. I love when life gives me moments like this.

Congratulations you two! I can't wait for your wedding this weekend! Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-2Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-5Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-3Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-4Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-6Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-7Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-14Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-8Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-10Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-9Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-11Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-13Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-12Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-16Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-18Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-21Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-17Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-19Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-20Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-25Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-26Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-22Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-23Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-27Los Angeles Wedding Photographer_-24

Private Estate Destination Wedding | Palm Springs, CA | Stacey + Tony

I could feel the excitement in the air from the moment I stepped foot onto the grounds of Tony and Stacey's private estate wedding in Palm Springs. The serene mountain landscape and stunning antique details of the Spanish style home made for the perfect setting for Tony and Stacey to celebrate their love with their closest friends and family. When I met with the couple last year to talk about how they envisioned their wedding, they expressed how important it was that family  and tradition be part of their celebration. Tony comes from a close Italian family and chose to have many of his cousins and siblings serve as his Groomsmen. Many even have matching tattoos on their hands to signify their bond! Stacey chose to honor her late father by wearing one of his white button up shirts while she got ready, incorporating his portrait in her bridal bouquet, and offering "Bob's Cigar Bar" as entertainment for their guests. Stacey also wore a belt from her mother's wedding dress on her big day... such a beautiful symbol of legacy and tradition.

I'd have to say my favorite part of the day was Stacey and Tony's first look. Stacey beamed like a little girl on Christmas as she walked up to greet her soon to be husband. When Tony turned to see his future bride, he embraced her gently and if to say, "We did it." The rest of the day was a blur of laughs, smiles, dancing, and maybe a few tears.

Congratulations to Stacey and Tony! Your big day was absolutely stunning and I feel so lucky to have been part of it!

Florals: Jensen's Florist | Bridal Gown: Cruz's Bridal | Hair and Make Up: All Tressed Up | DJ: VOX DJ's  | Catering: SoHo Taco | Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal | Groom's Tux: Rocky's Custom Clothes | Groomsmen's Suits: Express | Rentals: Signature | Venue: Sand Acre Estate | Wedding Coordinator: Angela Crawford | Second Photographer: Tiffany Gentry


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Palm Springs Wedding-43-2Palm Springs Wedding-54Palm Springs Wedding-55Palm Springs Wedding-56Palm Springs Wedding-57Palm Springs Wedding-58

Tournament Players Club Wedding | Valencia, CA | Kareen + Kevin

Kareen and Kevin were recently married on a hot summer day amidst close friends and family. The couple chose Tournament Players Club in Valencia, CA as their fairytale setting. From the stunning views to the rustic architecture, the entire location embodied a feeling of tranquility and old world charm that set the tone for the rest of the wedding day. From the moment Kareen arrived at the venue, her expression was radiant with anticipation. The invitations were sent, the honeymoon was booked, and all the decorations were in their right place...all that was left was saying "I Do" to the love of her life. As she walked down the aisle to Kevin, there was an audible gasp from all of the guests in attendance. In that moment, she possessed the kind of beauty that can only leave you breathless. It was obvious Kevin felt the same way as he attempted to hold back his tears at the sight of his future wife walking toward him.

As Kareen and Kevin stood side by side, reciting their vows, the strength of their bond shined brighter than ever before. Their connection is subtle and doesn't ask for attention. There is a comfort and confidence between them when they are together that I admire so much.  It was hard not to cry along with them as they promised their lives to one another.

The remainder of the day was filled with love, laughs, and partying. The dance floor remained full for a majority of the evening and the echoes of boisterous laughter filled the air as the music played late into the night. It was beautiful to watch as they were surrounded by dear family and close friends from all over the world in a united celebration of the love they share.

Congratulations to Kevin and Kareen on a beautiful Wedding Day and thank you for allowing me to be part of it!


Venue: Tournament Players Club

Make Up: All Dolled Up Beauty Lounge

Florals: Creative Flowers in Acton

Linens: Luxe Linen

Rentals: AV Party Rentals

DJ: Let the Music Play (Alan Reno)

Second Photographer: Mike Arick



TPC Valencia-7TPC Valencia-8TPC Valencia-6TPC Valencia-26TPC Valencia-19TPC Valencia-10TPC Valencia-21TPC Valencia-22

TPC Valencia-20TPC Valencia-24TPC Valencia-11TPC Valencia-12TPC Valencia-25TPC Valencia-19TPC Valencia-15TPC Valencia-21TPC Valencia-22TPC ValenciaTPC Valencia-6TPC Valencia-2TPC Valencia-7TPC Valencia-2-2

TPC Valencia-10TPC Valencia-4TPC Valencia-9TPC Valencia-8TPC Valencia-5TPC Valencia-11TPC Valencia-12TPC Valencia-14TPC Valencia-18TPC Valencia-20TPC Valencia-16TPC Valencia-2-3TPC Valencia-17

TPC Valencia-8-2TPC Valencia-12-2TPC Valencia-13TPC Valencia-14TPC Valencia-16TPC Valencia-27TPC Valencia-28TPC Valencia-30TPC Valencia-32TPC Valencia-33TPC Valencia-29TPC Valencia-17TPC Valencia-31TPC Valencia-18TPC Valencia-34TPC Valencia-35