Baby Presley {Newborn Session} | Valencia, CA


My shoot with Presley was my last session of 2014. I spent my drive to The O'keefe's home reflecting on all the wonderful people I've met through photography over the year. I couldn't help but be captivated by the idea of a new year opportunities, a fresh start, a new beginning. As I pulled up to The O'Keefe's home I was greeted by a birth announcement displayed prominently in their front yard. Baby Presley had arrived and their home was buzzing with excitement. I entered their home and could hear the faint whimpers of Presley coming from upstairs. Kelly brought her down to meet me and my heart instantly overflowed with love for this little miracle. Her parents looked at her in awe, too. I could tell they saw what I saw. From the soft, newness of her little feet to the glowing curiosity in her eyes, Presley was a new opportunity, a fresh start, a new beginning in this thing called life.