The Stivers {Maternity Session} | San Luis Obisbo, CA


My Maternity Session with Melissa and her family will always be very dear to my heart. Not only was the location absolutely breathtaking, but also it was such an honor to be able to capture the coming of her 2nd child. It seems like just yesterday I was taking photos at her baby shower for Promise, her little girl. The Stivers are missionaries serving in Africa. They had just arrived back in America, to prepare for the birth of their son, a few days before our shoot. My mission for this session was to capture the essence of their lives living in Africa: wild, organic, and full of Spirit.

Melissa's demeanor exudes an ethereal sense of calm and love, so, I can't say I'm completely surprised that she was able to approach a herd of horses in the field where we shot. Surrounded by horses in a field during golden hour is pretty much the pinnacle of my dream come true as a photographer. I felt both fear and exhiliration as my camera clicked away and I think I repeatedly whispered, "This is happening."

Watching Melissa have that rare moment of connection with a wild animal may be one of those moments I'll never be able to recreate in my life. Eventually the sun ceased to glow that evening and, as I walked back across that golden range, I felt like I was overflowing with passion. Life is magical.